Salad prices listed as Small or Large

Tossed Salad 4.50 - 7.00

Lettuce, tomatoes, onions, carrots & cucumber

Tuna Salad 6.75 - 9.00

Fresh homemade tuna salad served over a crisp

bed of lettuce, sliced red ripe tomatoes and onions

Chef Salad 6.75 - 9.00

Boar’s Head turkey, ham, American & Swiss cheese

served over a crisp bed of lettuce and freshly sliced

tomatoes with choice of dressing

Cheese Combination Salad 6.25 - 8.00

American, Swiss, cheddar, provolone

& mozzarella cheese over a crisp tossed salad

Chicken Salad 6.75 - 9.00

Fresh homemade chicken salad served over a crisp

bed of lettuce, sliced red ripe tomatoes and onions

Egg Salad 5.50 - 8.00

Fresh homemade egg salad served over a crisp

bed of lettuce, sliced red ripe tomatoes and onions

Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad 7.00 - 9 00

Tender strips of grilled marinated chicken

served over our homemade Caesar salad

Cobb Salad 7.00 - 9.00

Boar’s Head turkey, ham, American & Swiss cheese,

crumbled bacon, hard-boiled eggs, tomatoes,

carrots & peppers, served over a crisp bed of lettuce

Spinach Salad 5.75 - 8.00

Mushrooms, tomatoes & bacon

Hot Sandwiches

Pastrami 7.35

Grilled Cheese 3 75

With tomato 4.00, With bacon and tomatoes 4.95

Tuna Melt 7 55

Flounder Fish Filet 5.50

BLT 5.15

Cheesesteak 7.90

Italian Cheese Steak 8.65

Hamburger 5.50

Cheeseburger 6.15

Lettuce and tomatoes

Deli Sandwiches& Soups

Comes with your choice of lettuce, tomatoes, mayo, mustard on a bagel, roll, rye, white or wheat bread or wrap

Roast Beef 7.35

Turkey 7.15

Boiled Ham 6.35

Liverwurst 5.90

Bologna 5.90

Genoa Salami 6.65

Tuna Salad 6.90

Chicken Salad 6.90

Egg Salad 5.90

Cheese 5.90

Any sandwich available on an 8” hero 1.00 extra

Add cheese to any sandwich .65

Sloppy Joe’s

With Russian dressing and coleslaw

Turkey, Ham & Swiss 8.65

Turkey, Swiss & Pastrami 8.65

Pastrami & Swiss 8.65

Roast Beef, Turkey & Swiss 8.65

Hot Soups served seasonally 5.00

Lobster Bisque 5.50

Gourmet Sandwiches

Served on a bagel or bread of your choice

Barbara Streisand 7.25

Virginia ham, melted Swiss cheese, honey mustard

Big Bob 5.90

Thick sliced liverwurst, raw onions, deli mustard

Andy 6.90

Egg salad, bacon, lettuce, tomatoes

The Butcher 8.75

Roast beef, turkey breast, ham, coleslaw & Russian dressing

Clint Eastwood 6.90

Large pieces of chicken breast salad, lettuce & tomatoes

Eddie Murphy 7.65

Turkey breast, muenster cheese, raw onions, honey mustard

Farrah Fawcett 7.35

Roast beef, honey mustard & sweet peppers

Fat Frank 8.75

Juicy roast beef, sautéed onions, hot & sweet peppers,

melted Swiss cheese served on a long roll

George Burns 5.15

Bacon, lettuce, tomatoes & mayonnaise

Howard Stern 8.75

Chicken breast salad, bacon, melted American cheese

John Travolta 7.40

Hard Genoa salami, provolone, hot & sweet peppers,

olive oil & vinegar

Kenny Rodgers 8.75

Sliced turkey breast, hot pastrami, coleslaw, Russian dressing

Larry Bird 7.90

Sliced turkey breast, muenster cheese, lettuce, Dijon mustard

Little Kelly 8.15

Thinly sliced turkey breast, bacon, lettuce, mayonnaise

Bernie Reubin 8.75

Hot pastrami, sauerkraut, melted Swiss cheese, Russian dressing

Marlon Brando 7.65

Turkey breast, onions, lettuce, tomatoes, Parmesan vinaigrette

Paul Newman 8.15

Roast beef, lettuce, tomatoes & horseradish dressing

Tina Turner 8.75

Roast beef, turkey breast, Swiss cheese & deli mustard

Tom Selleck 7.65

Turkey breast, coleslaw & Russian dressing

The Triple Decker 8.75

Boar’s Head oven gold turkey with coleslaw, bacon, lettuce,

tomatoes & Russian dressing on 3 slices of toasted white bread

Roller Coaster Hero 8.75

Boar’s Head oven gold turkey, Cracked Pepper Mill turkey

& American cheese with peppers, onions, lettuce, tomatoes,

coleslaw & Russian dressing served on a long roll

Today’s Wraps

All wraps served in a soft tortilla wrap

Choice of plain or whole wheat

Buffalo Chicken Wrap 8.15

Tender grilled chicken topped with crisp lettuce,

sliced tomatoes, cheddar cheese & hot sauce

Cajun Grilled Chicken Wrap 8.15

Tender strips of Cajun grilled chicken & Swiss cheese

topped with crisp lettuce & sliced tomatoes

Chicken Delight Wrap 8.15

Strips of grilled chicken topped with sautéed peppers

& onions & melted mozzarella cheese

Grilled Chicken Caesar Wrap 8.65

Tender strips of grilled chicken with crispy bacon,

lettuce & croutons with Caesar dressing

Grilled Chicken Wrap 8.15

Tender strips of grilled marinated chicken

topped with melted mozzarella, roasted peppers,

sun-dried tomatoes & lettuce

Lemon Pepper Chicken 8.15

Grilled lemon pepper chicken topped with

mozzarella, lettuce, tomatoes & mayo

Manhattan Wrap 8.15

Tender grilled chicken with balsamic vinaigrette, topped

with melted mozzarella, roasted peppers, lettuce & tomatoes

Mediterranean Wrap 8.15

Tender grilled chicken topped with melted cheddar cheese,

roasted peppers, black olives & romaine lettuce

Showoff Wrap 8.65

Grilled chicken breast with melted mozzarella cheese,

crispy bacon, lettuce, tomatoes and herb mayo

Teriyaki Grilled Chicken Wrap 8.15

Strips of teriyaki grilled chicken topped with melted

muenster cheese, lettuce, tomatoes & teriyaki sauce

The Sexy 8.15

Oven-roasted turkey breast covered with strips

of roasted peppers, muenster cheese & herb mayo

Turkey Club 8.15

Fresh sliced Boar’s Head turkey topped with

crispy bacon, lettuce, sliced tomato & mayo

Italian Hero Wrap 8.15

Ham, salami & provolone with the works!

(lettuce, tomato, onions, oil & vinegar)

Gyro 7.25

Tender strips of chicken or beef topped with crisp lettuce,

sliced tomato, onions & tzatziki sauce

Breakfast on a Bagel

Bagel Slicing Fee 0.15

Bagels (12) 12.00

Bagels (6) 6.00

Butter 1.95

Butter (1 lb.) 7.99

Butter & Jelly 2.20

Cream Cheese 2.70

Cream Cheese (1 lb.) 8.99

Cream Cheese & Jelly 3.20

Specialty Cream Cheese* 3.70

Peanut Butter 2.70

Peanut Butter & Jelly 3.25

Nova Lox & Cream Cheese 8.50

Whitefish Salad 8.50

*Vegetable, scallions, vegetable lite, cinnamon

walnut raisin, lox, pimento olive, seasonal flavor

Breakfast Sandwiches

Egg 2.45

Egg with Cheese 3.10

Double Egg 3.10

Double Egg with Cheese 3.75

Taylor Ham 4.50

Taylor Ham with Cheese 4.50

Taylor Ham with Egg 4.50

Taylor Ham with Egg & Cheese 4.50

Bacon 4.50

Bacon with Cheese 4.50

Bacon with Egg 4.50

Bacon with Egg & Cheese 4.50

Canadian Bacon with Egg & Cheese 4.50

Turkey Bacon with Egg & Cheese 5.50

Sausage 4.50

Sausage with Cheese 4.75

Sausage with Egg 4.75

Sausage with Egg & Cheese 5.25

Turkey Sausage with Egg & Cheese 5.50

Boiled Ham with Egg 4.75

Boiled Ham with Egg & Cheese 5.25

Tomatoes, lettuce, onions .50 extra each

Extra meat 1.65, Extra sausage 2.00, Side Bacon 4.00

Extra cheese or egg .65

Omelettes Extravaganza

Served with home fries and toast

Ham Omelette 6.50

Only Boar’s Head

Cheese Omelette 6.00

Nothing but the best of American cheese

Ham & Cheese Omelette 7.15

Combination of above

Bacon Omelette 6.50

Crisp bacon

Tomato Omelette 6.50

Fresh sliced tomatoes

Pepper Omelette 6.50

Fresh sliced peppers

Onion Omelette 6.50

Fresh sliced onions

Mushroom Omelette 6.50

Fresh sliced mushrooms

Western Omelette 7.75

Every cowboy’s dream

Lox & Scallion Omelette 8.50

Extra items .65

Egg white omelettes available

Homemade Muffins 2.85

Toasted with Butter 3.35

All baking done on premises


Prices listed as Small Medium Large

Coffee 1.50 - 1.75 - 2.00

Tea 1.50 - 1.75 - 2.00

Hot Chocolate 1.50 - 1.75 - 2.00

Bottled Water 1.25 - 1.50 - 1.75

Soda (20 oz.) 2.15

Milk (16 oz.) 2.60

Chocolate Milk (16 oz.) 2.60

16 oz Juice (all flavors) 2.75

Box of Joe (coffee) 19.00


All done to order, advance notice needed

Assorted Cookie Platter

Cakes · Crumb Cakes

Croissants · Muffins

Assorted Fruit Platter


Breakfast Platters

Continental Breakfast 4.00/p

Assorted fresh baked bagels, breads and rolls,

served with cream cheese, butter & assorted jellies

Continental Breakfast Deluxe 5.50/p

Assorted fresh baked bagels, breads, & rolls, served with

our own flavored cream cheeses, butter & assorted jellies

Served With Fresh Nova Lox 8.50/p

Sliced Bagels (dozen) 1.20

Cold Platters

Includes bagels and breads

Homemade roast beef, oven-roasted turkey breast,

oven-roasted chicken breast, American cheese,

provolone cheese & Swiss cheese 8.00/p

Lean pastrami, homemade roast beef,

oven-roasted turkey breast, provolone cheese,

& Swiss cheese 8.75/p

Cocktail Sandwiches

Sliced homemade roast beef & oven-roasted

turkey breast with cheese, cut into quarters,

decorated on a platter, choice of bread or bagel 8.75/p

Deli Sub Platter

3 to 6 ft. serves 10-12 people

6 ft. serves 20-24 people

Choice Of Cold Cuts fully garnished 22.00/ft

Specialty Items

(Please allow 24-48 hour notice)

Bagel Platters · Mini Bagels

Cold Sandwich Platters · 3 & 6 ft subs